People Have Been Saying 'OMG' And 'Unfriend' For Longer Than You Think

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According to the brainiacs at the Oxford English Dictionary — that linguistic treasury that contains more than 800,000 words — some buzzy phrases that seem new fangled are actually kind of old.


OMG as an abbreviation for Oh My God, for example, first appeared in a letter written to Winston Churchill in 1917 ("OMG World War I suuuucked.") (Not really.) (That parenthetical was a joke.) And "unfriend," thought to be the wordchild of Facebook, dates back from 1594. As in "If you suspect that your neighbor is a witch, unfriend her."

What next? News that "sext" was actually coined by Shakespeare?

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Iago: Here, noble lord, is her cell phone.
Othello: Be off with you! I do not snoop.
Iago: Her sext is plain to see. Behold, she wears nought but the handkerchief. Didst thou not give it to her thyself?
Othello: My heart breaks! What villainy!