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Universal Orlando visitors are waiting five hours for the new Harry Potter ride. Some reports put the wait for "Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts," which opened yesterday, at up to seven and half hours at times.


I have this to say: Hell no. Hail, no. I have ditched half the food in my shopping basket to avoid waiting in line at the grocery store. I'm not sure that I'd wait in line five hours for anything that wasn't gold bars or cash.

Now, on one hand, if your sole motivation for visiting the park was to get on that ride, I guess you don't have another option. On the other hand, there's always an alternative to waiting in line for five hours in Orlando.


All those hours of waiting seem to have gotten to many of the visitors as they participated in the wave while waiting in line.

I dunno, I get the excitement and all and waiting in line is part of the amusement park experience, but I would need a return on my investment. I mean, how long could this ride possibly last? Five minutes? Ten minutes, tops?

All I'm saying is, if I'm waiting five hours in the hot Orlando sun, I better be coming out of there with Harry Potter's powers.

Image via Inside The Magic

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I waited about 2 1/2 hours for the Harry Potter Hogwarts ride thingy when I went, and I got an amazing slow clap going the erupted with loud cheering by the end. I was neat.

I know.....

Cool story bro.