Penn State Football Coach Joe Paterno Dies at 85

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Joe Paterno, former football coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions, died this morning shortly after 10 am ET in State College, PA after experiencing serious complications from his lung cancer treatment. Paterno's 46-season, two national championship legacy was tarnished in November with allegations that assistant coach Jerry Sandusky had molested children during Paterno's tenure. Paterno had recently told The Washington Post that he was overwhelmed by the scandal and didn't "want to do something to jeopardize what the university procedure was." One of the most beloved college coaches of all time, Paterno's legacy had been untarnished before the Sandusky scandal, marked not only by a high winning percentage, but a high graduation rate that topped out at 85% in 2009.


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From my facebook:

"So sad that Joe Pa is gone. I hope his accusers are happy. I know this dear man died of a broken heart."

Derrrrp. That's all I can say.