Penguins Love Flying On Planes

You know what's better than a penguin on a plane? Two penguins on a plane! Even better than that: five penguins on three different planes (two of whom may possibly be the same penguin). Watch and learn.


Thanks to the folks at Yahoo's The Sideshow, we know that the two adorable little suckers above are Pete and Penny, SeaWorld penguins who flew to New York for the premier of the documentary Frozen Planet. The Sideshow also reveals that penguin-plane videos are surprisingly common. For instance ...

Here's two adorable dudes waddling around the aisle on a flight from Orlando to New York. They seem so into it!

And here's a penguin flying from San Diego to San Francisco. This guy is Pete — I think he's the same one who accompanied Penny down the aisle (I know that makes them sound like they're married, which would be awesome) on the recent New York flight. It is probably good that I am not these penguins' trainer because I would just be trying to get them to carry little briefcases all the time. Briefcases full of fish.


Penguins, flying first class, delight passengers on Delta flight [The Sideshow]

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Although I love the thought of penguins on a plane, wouldn't their little ears be uncomfortable? Not that I've ever travled on a plane with any sort of animal.