Peggy Noonan can normally be relied upon to sound completely rational and completely batty at the same time, which frankly puts her three steps above Maureen Dowd in my book even though Dowd (supposedly) shares my political leanings and Noonan doesn't. But today's column was just a little too much. In it, she writes: "We know when life begins. Everyone who ever bought a pack of condoms knows when life begins." For one, no, Peggy, I don't think that life begins when a man ejaculates, and the science bears me out on that one. And I don't believe that a fertilized human egg is any more of a life than a fertilized plant egg (i.e., a seed). But, you are right, I do use condoms to prevent "life" from flourishing in my body — the lives of various bacterium and viruses, that is. Way to get it wrong. [Wall Street Journal]


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Obviously the solution is to stop men from ejaculating then. Geez Peggy. Can you even believe men are allowed to be out there shooting precious future fetuses into dirty socks and tissues? Arrest them all!