Mockingjay's Capitol Couture campaign โ€” which is basically promotional material for the upcoming film but in the very meta form of a high-fashion magazine enjoyed by the residents of the Capitol โ€” continues to be beauteous.

The newest Capitol Couture posts feature Peeta and Johanna Mason looking crushed by the wheels of industry and wearily defiant, respectively, while clad in designer goods. On the site, they're presented as living portraits (!!!), which is very cool. Look how forlorn Peeta looks in his formal future-leathers.

According to the site, Johanna is wearing Alon Livne, the designer responsible for Keke Palmer's metallic dress with thigh chasms at the BET Awards and, most memorably, for Paris Hilton's lovely vulva-themed gown. Peeta is in a "matte leather Unconditional ensemble." He is serving up lots of Capitol real-or-not-real-ness (deep ref for you Hunger Games fans out there).


Does my slobbering enjoyment of these images implicate me in complacent force of dystopian evil? Probably!


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