Pearls Of...Wisdom?

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In yesterday's Guardian, Madonna-hater Germaine Greer presented us with the concept of "the power pearl" as sported by Condoleezza Rice and, lately, Michelle Obama. "Power pearls are pure white and large, anything from 11mm in diameter to 16mm, in a single strand, which must hang within rather than over the neckline. The size reveals that power pearls are not properly "natural". The power pearl, says Greer, manages to symbolize class, confidence and even a touch of reassuring dowdiness, traditionally feminine without a hint of jarring sexuality. "Power pearls are glamour, bravado and insolence." Or...sometimes a pearl is just a pearl? [The Guardian]


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labeled: crazy aunt kanye

@aprilsimnel: I am so fucking jealous! I started as a gem-geek (never made it to full rockhound) and love the sparklies so much that a.) family nickname is Raccoon, and b.) I ended up making a business out of that love because it was the only way to continue buying gemstones. Oddly, I wear very little jewelry.

Then, it became a profitable job. So I quit.