Pearls Before Swine

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A bronze statue of Hee-Haw comedian Minnie Pearl is being held hostage by its donor because he doesn't like its placement in her hometown. "Minnie Pearl should be center-stage," he says. [USA Today]



How completely cool is it to have a world-class cancer center named for your real-life everyday self AND a bronze statue erected in your hometown to celebrate your raucous tacky loud uninhibited alter-ego?

Also her middle name was Ophelia, which is awesome.

She really was an elegant Southern matron- perfect hairdo, lovely clothes.

I remember meeting Mrs. Cannon because her older sister Frances MacDaniel was my grandmother's BFF. She was funny too, and really sweet to us cousins. She and my grandmother sat near each other in church and had great smelly pocketbooks that dispensed coughdrops and Coffee Nips- they sang all the hymns really loud and it sounded like cats having their monthlies. They talked on the phone every night, probably starting the day it was invented. When they were old ladies they would talk until one of them would fall asleep, and the other one would yell into the phone for a while- "Frayn-ces! FRAYN-CES!!! are you SLEEEEPIN'?"

Mrs. Mac was very proud of her famous sister, and she and my grandmother always referred to her as "Say-ra Cannon".

I wish I had listened to them talk to each other more, because the conversations were probably goldmines of family dirt. These old gals were total Jezebels without the booze and trash mouth.