Peanut Butter, Beards & Big Babes: Know Your Sex Fetishes

Kris Saknussemm has been studying sexual fetishes for 20 years, which, he admits, "is itself a kind of fetish." In a list compiled for Nerve, he divulges his favorites — beyond high-heels, whips or horseplay.

For instance: Catoptrophilia is the "unusual titillation in the presence of mirrors." This is not just about installing a mirror above the bed, this is getting off on your "a psychic double or doppelganger." Writes Saknussemm: "A female interviewee put it very succinctly: 'She knows what I like.'"


There's pogonophilia, the fixation on bearded men — perhaps hipster grifter territory? Chremastistophilia is excitement at being robbed or held up. Agalmatophilia is the arousal by statues, mannequins, dolls and effigies; acrotomophilia/apotemnophilia — attraction to amputees and the fascination with being an amputee. Formicophilia is the obsession with very tiny creatures - like insects, for example. Like ants. YES. ANTS. Arachibutyrophilia has to do with peanut butter; melophilia is arousal through music; eremophilia — which Saknussemm has — is arousal within deserted places.

But possibly the most interesting fetish (to me) on this list is macrophilia: The attraction to someone larger — or domination by giant women. Saknussemm explains:

Remember those 1950s horror films about colossal women? For those who love to be afraid of very big women, the Museum of Sex in New York has a fabulous exhibit on this fetish. More mundanely, we see hints of it in all those odd couples: little, reedy men and large, "ample" women. I met one couple where the size difference was so profound, the husband was referred to intimately as "The Dildo" - his whole body was seen as a sexual organ relative to his massive partner's bulk and stature.


Between Dance Your Ass Off, Tyra and the "squashers", this sculpture from the sex theme park, and the endless talk about Beth Ditto, macrophilia seems really… popular right now.


My Ten Favorite Fetishes [Nerve]

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Awesome, glad to see that my seven year relationship with my soulmate is naught but a fetish, because he's normal size and I'm fat. What an odd couple we are!

I guess I just resent the idea that being into larger women or men is any different then being in to blue eyes or blond hair.