Peaches Geldof Joins Sister Pixie In Attempt To Take Over Fashion Industry

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  • Rumored brat Peaches Geldof — sister of model Pixie — can add designer to her resume of insta-careers. "Designing for PPQ has been fun and inspiring. I've always loved their clothes, the way Amy can pull off the perfect arty dress over and over again. I love that my collection came out exactly as I wanted, blending new romanticisim with gothic undertones," quoth the VJ-bride-rich-person-It-Girl. [VogueUK]
  • Displaying their usual impeccable taste and penchant for dated trends, American Apparel suggests a bloodied Monica Seles costume. [American Apparel]
  • According to one manufacturer, Obama tees are outselling McCain 54.1 to 45.9 percent. [SeattlePI]
  • The crucial fashion designer demographic is, at least, solidly for Change. [WWD]
  • After punching, groping pilot, Hermes heir is allowed to fly. Well, after posting an additional mil in bail. [New York Magazine]
  • Ryan Gosling DJ'd at the Burberry Store Opening. Hey, don't ask me! [VogueUK]
  • Louis Vuitton cleans up in latest counterfeit lawsuit. [WWD]
  • New Banana Republic creative director unveils his first collection. It sounds...exactly like every other BR line. "For spring, Simon Kneen will be building on the Banana Republic brand DNA, focusing on the polished urban work wear aesthetic we have come to know and love." [ElleUK]
  • Designers' 'breast cancer awareness' (read: pink stuff) isn't purely altruistic? Surely you jest! [Forbes]
  • Armani says founding designers need to let their companies go. "It is painful but you need to have the courage that, once it is done - not to have any claims over it." But, oh yeah, he's not going anywhere. [Reuters]
  • Some fashionista's "frugal fashion" tips: "Ms. Borissova, who is also a personal stylist, is updating her look with higher-quality designer pieces, such as a Balmain tweed jacket and Preen blouse, as well as vintage clothes including a Halston animal-print dress and a Thierry Mugler jacket. Not only are such styles likely to last longer than cheaper clothes; they also are investments that might have resale value." [WSJ]
  • The recent bid for Pacific Swimwear might be kind of shady. [NY Times]
  • Sigerson-Morrison (well, Sigerson) on how they got into designing (awesome, expensive) shoes: "I was 14, living in Omaha, Nebraska, and my Dad sent me a course catalogue for classes at FIT. I think I thought there was something exotic about shoe design. Clothing was relatively easy to understand how they were made and put together, but shoes??!! Shoes were a mystery; only the coolest people knew how shoes were made!" [The Fashion Informer]
  • Topshop defies the market with a record year; owner credits Kate Moss. [Daily Mail]
  • 1,500 Chinese dogs, bred for their raccoon-like fur, die from tainted feed. [Breitbart]
  • Twiggy reunited with a dress she designed in the 60s; apparently she had been unable to track one down! [Daily Express]
  • Lanvin tries to change the latex image: "Usually, latex evokes sex and S&M," says Nicolas Ghesquière, "but I didn't want to say that at all. The rubber is not intended to touch the skin, there is silk in between. It's a softer image, not about fetishism at all." [Independent]
  • Vivienne Westwood's photographer son is staging a controversial photo shoot of "slaves." "The "chain gang" will include models and activists from the Consenting Adult Action Network (CAAN) who will be bound and gagged in a visual protest, in what campaigners believe restricts adults' sexual choices." [Telegraph]
  • Aliens, astronauts loom large at India's fashion week. [Yahoo]
  • Coach profits fall in first quarter. [Crains]
  • Want to see a really ugly shoe?! [ElleUK]
  • Donatella Versace's being honored; Prince and J.Lo will be there. [WWD]
  • Murakami's being honored, too, by Pratt. But Prince won't be there. [WWD]



I thought I despised Peaches before, but I loathe her in a way that cannot be described in words. She had a show on MTV the other night about her setting up some hipster fuckwit magazine in which she was the editor. And she had to work with volunteers whom she put down constantly, saying THEY were untalented and trying too hard. I could not believe what she was saying. She is a spoilt, overbearing, over-entitled simpering brat with nothing useful to contribute. And the sooner she is out of the media spotlight the better.

/end rant