If you’re a fan of and/or extremely attracted to any of the fine individuals pictured above, you may be interested to know about an opportunity to sort of hang out with them. If you happen to have several grand put aside, you can purchase a ticket to the Game of Thrones premiere and after-party.

According to TMZ, “luxury concierge sites are cashing in on the ‘GoT’ hype and hawking tickets to the season premiere and after-party at the famous TCL Chinese Theater.” Some of these tickets cost $10,000 for a pair — but who can put a price on love, right?

That said, one would expect that one year of college tuition might include perks besides sitting in the same theater with Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage (though that still sounds cool). But TMZ notes that “there’s no guaranteed photo ops, autographs, or even a good seat at the April 10th event.” If that bums you out, perhaps consider participating in the CharityBuzz auction where you might snag a ticket for a thrifty $6,000.

Or maybe just continue your subscription to HBO.

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Image via HBO.