Paulina Porizkova Blogs About Getting Fired By Tyra

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Paulina was fired from ANTM in April, then candidly spoke about it on the Late Late Show (saying she was told she had an ego problem), and now she's candidly blogging about it.


In a rather long (for a supermodel/reality show judge), self-examining essay on HuffPo, Paulina opens up about feeling like a failure, particularly because when people get fired in the entertainment business, it's rarely ever talked about:

Generally, admitting to a weakness in a cutthroat setting is far braver than keeping a stiff upper lip…the consequences are the same as announcing you've twisted your ankle to a bunch of muggers. Hence, all the celebrities that "quit" because they were exhausted, had personal conflicts, and the ol' scheduling problems.

She seems to really be feeling her, um, feelings about this, and she's clearly bothered by it. Unfortunately, unlike Janice Dickinson before her, Paulina doesn't dish on any animosity between herself and Tyra, or get into the details of what exactly went down. However, she does end with something that makes her incredibly likable—she wishes she gave Tyra the bird!

I wouldn't have minded to walk away with an extended middle finger and a victorious "I quit!"

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Tyra has managed to stick with both the Jays, Nigel Barker, etc. but has gone through THREE female judges in the many iterations of ANTM. I have no doubt eventually we'll see a tell-all, because methinks Tyra is just a tad insecure.