Paula Deen to Return to Today One Year After Meltdown

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For those of you wondering exactly what butter enthusiast Paula Deen has learned in the year since that god-awful Today show interview following accusations of racism — and being let go from the Food Network — the Deen-ster will be returning to the show on Tuesday.


In her first television interview since, well, the last time she was on the Today show (because I'm assuming no one wanted to go near her after that), Deen will apparently discuss "What she has learned since then" and "what has changed, and what's next for her." I'm going to assume she has learned to simply stop talking about black people in public?

As for her next step, Deen has secured the rights to the footage from her shows Paula's Home Cooking and Paula's Best Dishes as well as some unaired material, for her online subscription-based Paula Deen Network.

At this point I would like to propose a competition of sorts between Paula Deen and noted online subscription network queen Sarah Palin. I'd suggest having them race and see who would bleed out money faster, but something tells me that Paula Deen might actually find a lot of success with her new venture. :/

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Judging by the amount of people I know on Facebook who were pissed about the way "the blacks" (I wish I was kidding, you guys, but I'm not) ruined PDee's career, I'd guess she'll find some success in her comeback. Among assholes, anyway.

There are a lot of people that share her love of butter and racist views.