Paula Deen Has Dropped 30 Pounds Since Diabetes Diagnosis

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Paula Deen is on the cover of People this week discussing her new dietary changes and weight loss. "I do think differently now [about food]," she said, "I'm more aware...It took me a couple of years to get to this point. If you make a few small changes, they can add up to big results." Deen's changes reportedly included "dishes like Greek salads and baked fish, stuff that's much lower in salt, fat and especially sugar." So does this mean we're all going to stop being such abusive dicks to Paula Deen? You still hate her because she loves creamed corn so much? Okay. That's what I thought. [E!]

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Denise Richards is reportedly "kicking herself" for bringing ex-warlock Charlie Sheen to the premiere of Madea's Witness Protection. When told that the former couple's kids, Sam and Lola, didn't want to walk the red carpet, Sheen allegedly "bugged out," yelling, Why am I even fucking here? This is the photo opp I wanted!" According to a source, Uncle Charlie "told Denise that this was a chance for a 'do over' of their disastrous trip to New York from the past. Denise was very clear with Charlie that he had to be on his best, best behavior if they were to do this again. She didn't want to put the girls through another nightmare." Yes. THAT COULD ONLY END WELL. For his part, Sheen declared the whole incident to be "malarkey," because he is a 1000-year-old leprechaun. [Radar] [TMZ]

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Someone actually sat and read through Rielle Hunter's entire "book", and copied down all the parts where she ate stuff. It's pretty funny. A sample: "I went directly into the bar and ordered a glass of wine while I waited for my call. Johnny called right on schdeule to say that they had brought his dinner, but uh-oh, dinner disaster! They had forgotten the ketchup ... I waited for the big ketchup delivery to be complete before joining Johnny for dinner in his room. The food was great." COOL STORY, BRO. [DailyIntel]

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R. Kelly was scheduled to take a trip to New York today for a small media tour, but his boday was telling him nooooooooooo. "According to a statement released by Kelly's camp, the R&B superstar 'is suffering from complications from surgery he had last year to treat an abscess on his vocal cords.'" He is seeking medical treatment in Chicago for his broken singy-box. [E!]

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I liked Paula Deen 1.0, when her show first started and she was this charming Southern chef with delicious recipes. But the gluttonous Paula 2.0 version with her butter-pimping, calorie-pushing, stereotypical Southern affectation became grating (like cheeeeezee, y'aaaaaalll). But when she started incorporating her sons into Food Network programming and started pretending like deep fried lasagna isn't clogging arteries, her act wore a little thin. I think the original Paula is still in there somewhere, so I'm hoping she can take her situation and make it a teachable moment for people who look to her as an example. She has the potential to be as influential as Michelle Obama when it comes to motivating people toward a healthier lifestyle.