Paul Wolfowitz's Neo-Concubine TOTALLY Reminds Us Of Angelina, Which Probably Means We Should Make An Apocalypse Joke

Since Riza joined the World Bank in 1997, some colleagues say she has faced criticism for having sharp elbows (Ed: See what we mean????), an air of arrogance and an obsession with women's rights, sometimes to the exclusion of other diplomatic considerations. Others admire her energy.

The story from whence that passage has lots more on Shaha Ali Riza, the Muslim World Bank worker who is "under fire" right now for having a cushy-for-Washington-job that doesn't require her to actually do anything because she's dating the World Bank president (and Iraq war architect) Paul Wolfowitz. Riza also describes herself as "Moslem," which we find sort of weird in that same way we find people who say things like, "Red China" and "I don't give a damn."


Anyway, the profile is kind of short on specifics (they think Riza grew up in Libya, for instance) which is totally probably a shining example of why TMZ is so eager to instill a little competitive metabolism into the media establishment down there. We also learn that Riza is friends with Dick Cheney's NON-dyke daughter, who is (who knew?) an Assistant Secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs, and that Riza once organized some big conference that brought together a lot of people who, like Wolfowitz, love democracy as long as it happens in other countries.

Life in the shadow of a scandal [Washington Post]

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