Paul Ryan Gosling Quotes Flown Over Rally for Actual Paul Ryan

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Since Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney announced that he was choosing Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate, all meme hell has broken loose. He looks like Eddie Munster! The American people are unimpressed and so is McKayla Maroney! But, most importantly, his last name is the same as the first name of Ryan Gosling, arguably the most successfully memed celebrity on the planet. In fact, Paul Ryan Gosling, the Paul Ryan/Ryan Gosling meme lovechild, has made an appearance via an airplane banner flown over a Paul Ryan rally earlier today. "Hey girl," read the banner, "choose me, lose choice."


CNBC's Eamon James Tweeted about the banner sighting above a Ryan campaign event in Colorado, which was full of people completely convinced that they'd never get sick, or be poor, or not want to be pregnant.

Ryan didn't respond to the aggressive Hey Girl-ing he just received, presumably because he was too busy friending zygotes on Facebook.



Polish Peasant

I didn't care for the Ryan Gosling meme...until now.

In somewhat related news: It took me half an hour to explain this to my befuddled mother who called because she saw a story about it on the interwebs. Sometimes I enjoy the cleverness of the internet...and then I have to explain it to my mom. Le sigh.