Paul Rudd And Andy Samberg Paint A Pretty Insane Picture On SNL

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Last night's Saturday Night Live was seriously bizarre, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Taking a fairly dark turn after the Election Mania that gave the show a ton of buzz and a serious bump in the ratings, SNL returned last night with guest host Paul Rudd, putting out a show that was both wacky and terrifying. (As one commenter asked last night, "Did they get a deal on fake blood, or something?") Perhaps the strangest skit of the night was the digital short starring Digital Short Superstar Andy Samberg and Rudd as friends who, you know, just want to paint each other in a seriously NSFW way. Their masterpiece turns out to be not-so-easy on the eyes for everyone else who gets a glimpse, however. NSFW (or for the squeamish) clip, after the jump.
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I turned it off when the blood started spraying everywhere during that sketch. I don't care if it got funnier— that skit was revolting. Between the loss of Tina and Amy and the amazingly unfunny images of people slitting their own throats, I'm done with this show. They've been getting progressively unfunny for some time, but the dynamic duo gave them an election-era boost. Now they're headed back down the slippery slope to irrelevance.