Patti Stanger Got Her Awesome 'New' Body With the Help of Photoshop

The new issue of Star magazine features an ad for Sensa, and the copy reads, "Patti Stanger's AMAZING NEW BODY." By "new," do they mean "stolen from someone else"? It sure looks like they pasted Stanger's face on the physique of a young model. Her neck is oddly long, her arms are strangely short, her hair is massive. This "person" doesn't look like the Millionaire Matchmaker we know. And if she did pose for the photograph, then it's been heavily Photoshopped: Her knees are missing, for starters.

(click to enlarge) This construction or illustration or whatever it is barely looks human. She claims Sensa has changed her body and her life — does the product do complete Face-Off-style switcheroos?

As a reminder: These unretouched photos give you an idea of what Patti Stanger really looks like. The one on the left is from March 2011; the center photo is from August 2011; and the image on the right is from February 8th of this year. As you can see, she has slimmed down a bit, but she does have knees.


Here's another recent shot — see? Knees. And she looks alive, real. Why couldn't the manufacturers of Sensa used something like this in the ad — an actual woman, with actual bodyparts — instead of that big-headed plastic-looking doll thing?

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