Patti LaBelle Dies Campiest Death Ever on American Horror Story

Patti LaBelle died in a grade A, cheesy fashion during American Horror Story's "Edward Mordrake: Pt. 2" episode on Wednesday. We expected Dandy to eventually slash his mother's maid Dora (played by LaBelle) since she'd challenged him to do so but her expressions in those final moments are pretty classic. Take that, Psycho.

Honorable AHS mention goes to Twisty the clown and his real mouth, which was created by a shotgun suicide attempt gone wrong ... except I don't think that's how a shotgun blast to someone's face works. But this is a television show about the circus and a mysterious Candy Man-like dude with two faces who kills "freaks" on Halloween, so I apologize for attempting to bring logic into this post. That was silly of me.

Another mention goes to Fräulein Elsa (played by Jessica Lange) for her story of how she lost her legs in a crazy German snuff film. Dude, what in the hell is entertaining about someone sawing off someone else's legs while wearing nylons with lipstick smeared over the top? Jesus, help us all. Also, she does have great legs.


RIP Twisty and Dora, you will be missed. Well, Dora will be missed. Who will shade "made in the shade white boy" Dandy now?

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Thanks for the spoiler in the headline, Hillary.

(I'm usually not that bothered about spoilers, but character deaths in headlines 14 hours after the episode aired are poor form? A little bit?)