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Patron saint of gay men who love women and women who love gay men who understand women better than any woman ever will Pedro Almodovar's contemporary classic All About My Mother (which divinely references All About Eve, A Streetcar Named Desire, and the AIDS crisis all) has been adapted for the London stage, where it's currently playing, and apparently (and appropriately) brilliantly. Rave reviews about and now we are trying to think of ways to rationalize convincing our boss to send us to London for some "story" so we can go and see this production rightthisverysecond with the original cast. And continue our adoration of all things Pedro. [IHT]


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Tell your boss you want to see a play based on a movie by an old fart who started out strong and peaked about 20 years ago and since then, apart from some brief flashes of brilliance, has been recycling the same old cliches about women and love, and who seems to be able to foist this over on unsuspecting foreign audiences more than on his compatriots. And your boss will say "Woody Allen has a play in London?"