Patriotic Nudists

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An Oregon woman plans to ride her bicycle while topless in the Ashland Fourth of July Parade. Jen Moss, known around Ashland as "The Naked Lady," stated her plans to ride in the parade in an online posting, saying she will be wearing "only a hemp G-string and blowing a conch shell." Ouch! If we can remember correctly from our hemp anklet-making experiences in summer camp, hemp is not the softest fabric in the world, is it? Ashland has some lenient nudity laws which state that one must only cover the genitalia in public, but the Ashland Chamber of Commerce is saying they don't want Moss to be showing her nude (and probably well-tanned) body in the "family" parade. Moss says if she isn't allowed to ride, she'll sue. If she's known as "The Naked Lady," her bare breasts are probably nothing new to that town. Let the woman ride! [CBS News]


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@KittenFluff: Thanks. I sincerely hope my kids are never unecessarily awkward around casual nudity... I also sincerely hope I never become the kind of parent who embarasses this shit out of her kids by walking around the house naked when company is over.