The feminist themes—abortion, autonomy, daughterhood—of Dirty Dancing were lost on me when I first saw the movie when I was in the third grade. I just liked the grinding and Johnny Castle.

How many people have watched Dirty Dancing since Patrick Swayze passed away on Monday? The film has a certain fan base made up of women in their 20s and 30s who were enthralled, at a young age, with its salaciousness, and grew up to appreciate the subversive nature of its storyline of a back alley abortion, thus making Dirty Dancing a pop-cultural touchstone for a new generation of feminists who like to like dancing, but also care about injustice and choice.

In the clip below, from the 20th anniversary edition of the Dirty Dancing DVD, Patrick Swayze discusses how the movie inspired his life, and made him appreciate his wife even more. You've got to love that love story.

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