Patricia Arquette Says She's Lost Jobs Since Standing Up for Gender Pay Equality

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It’s been just about a year since Patricia Arquette made her flawed but incendiary speech about the gender pay gap after winning an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.


On Thursday, Arquette and Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff hosted a private “Dinner for Equality” that included reporters from Variety. She spoke to them about what the fall out has been for her the last twelve months:

As guests gathered for cocktails, Arquette told Variety she believes she has paid a price for throwing down the gauntlet at the Oscars, having already lost two acting jobs because of that stand. “I’m okay with that,” she said. “But it’s not just about acting, and it’s not about me as an actor. I don’t believe this is fair for anybody. I want to live in the America I believe in, that really is fair, that really has possibilities, and really does treat people of all races and all sexes equally.”

Jennifer Lawrence was also in attendance and gave a prepared speech, referring to her essay about how she is consistently paid less than her male co-stars:

“It’s weird being a public figure talking about all of this stuff because you put a target on your nose,” she said. “When I wrote that essay I got a lot of support but I also have a Republican family in Kentucky who told me my career was effectively over.”

Lawrence said it’s vital to shed the notion that we live in a post-feminist era. “I don’t know who came up with that term, but it’s the most damaging term that we have, because it’s just not true.”

7 months after Arquette’s speech, the California Fair Pay Act was passed going into effect January 2016. Arquette is currently supporting an Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and Variety reports her saying:

“We have tens of millions of single moms in the country... and they’re really struggling, especially when they’re paid less than men. We have 33 million women and kids who wouldn’t be in poverty, who have full-time working moms; if they were just paid their full dollar, they wouldn’t be in poverty. They wouldn’t be wealthy, but they wouldn’t be in poverty.”


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Happy to hear Patricia Arquette bringing the conversation to the average woman and women in poverty. It does speak volumes that even huge stars in a very visible industry can't get equal pay, but god we are just failing working class women, especially women of color, over and over again. Glad to see these women using their platform like this.