Pastor Continues To Pray For President's Death • Woman Suffers Gender-Identity Changing Seizures

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• Arizona pastor Steve Anderson, who, as you'll remember, once dedicated an entire sermon to "Why I hate Barack Obama," now says, "I hope that God strikes Obama with brain cancer so he can die like Ted Kennedy." •

• Although death rates for male smokers are declining as more men quit, the death rate for women from smoking-related illnesses is steadily rising in Western Europe. Also scary: those killed before age 70 from smoking lose, on average, 23 years of life. • Since the economic downturn, Ireland has become "firmly enmeshed in the global sex trade," according to Ruhama, an organization that gives support to sex workers. Many of the women being trafficked into Ireland are underage (some as young as 15), and come from Eastern European countries and Nigeria. • A new law passed in the UK will allow lesbians to register the names of both partners on their children's birth certificates. Previously, only one woman was allowed to register as the mother. Obviously, some homophobic critics say "the change would be detrimental to family values." • A 37-year-old woman from Germany suffers some very interesting seizures, which temporarily turn her into a man (at least, in her own mind). She reports feeling that her voice has become deeper and her arms hairier. She has also suffered damage to the right amygdala, but doctors are uncertain whether that is the direct cause. • The World Endometriosis Research Foundation has announced a new study, which will focus on the estimated 100 million women who suffer from the disease, and seeks to address the dangerous lack of data about the illness. • A 10-year-old girl from Florida saved the lives of many of her neighbors when she ran door-to-door, knocking and yelling, to alert them of the growing fire. "This little girl, a really great person, saved us," said Jessica Phelps, a resident of the Orange County apartment building. • An online survey found that only 13% of Wikipedia contributors are female, and only 31% of its readers are women. • Following her conversion to Christianity, and the subsequent death threats from her father, a 17-year-old Muslim girl ran away from home to live with a pastor. Many Florida Muslims take issue with the press coverage of the story, which they claim has portrayed the entire Muslim community in a negative light. •

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Phillipa Marlowe

I wonder how the Repubs pundits will reply to this. Probably the opposite of how they responded to Wanda Sykes wish that Limbaugh's kidneys would fail.

"It's DIFFERENT because he is a socialist. And not American. And he's killing my grandma and unborn baby."