This past weekend, a pastor in Texas brought a bed up to the rooftop of his megachurch and sat in it with his wife for 24 hours. The pastor, Ed Young, decided to do the stunt to promote a new book he has called Sexperiment: 7 Days to Lasting Intimacy With Your Spouse. Young swore it wasn't a gimmick and said he was simply doing it to spread a message: "Bring God back into the bed." I guess it's easier for Him to find the bed if you're up on the roof?

The point might be for couples (of the married variety only, Young is quick to point out!) to be having more sex, but there wasn't any hanky-panky going on at this bed-in. For one thing, it was freezing outside and they both had to keep their coats and hats and gloves on. Plus, they were on a webcam the entire time and chatting with people on Skype—so there wasn't much time or privacy for indulging in any sexperimentation. That's probably for the best, since this isn't a scenario where you'd want to hear things being shouted from the rooftops.

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