Is there anyone whose love of women matches that of John Galliano channeling Christian Dior? [Um, Jack Nicholson? -Ed.] Galliano's Fall 2007 couture collection for the House of Dior's 60th anniversary โ€” shown in Paris yesterday โ€” was one long and winding love letter to the female form and the way it has been encased, contoured, and costumed throughout history. But the bounds of history (or art history, more accurately, as evidenced by the insertion of an occasional paintbrush or palette as accessory) were rendered a little topsy-turvy. Opening with Gisele Bundchen in an iconic, full-skirted Dior suit, the show proceeded like Dorothy over the rainbow, progressing from black-and-white to full-blown Technicolor and alluding to some of the masterworks of Western art, from Fragonard to Monet to Velasquez and everywhere in between. And oh yeah, the best of the best from the golden age of the supermodel showed up to stomp around, including Amber Valetta, Helena Christensen, Naomi Campbell, Shalom Harlow, Stella Tennant, Erin O'Connor, and Linda Evangelista. Images of the glory that is Dior couture, after the jump.


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