Passenger Shaming: Airplane Travelers Who Are Completely Disgusting

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A delightfully disgusting website seeks to expose the savage behavior of human beings on airplanes. And it is truly, truly something to behold.


Shirtlessness, shoelessness, socklessness, mannerlessness — there is truly not a layer that the beasts we call our fellow man won't shed when they board an airplane.

Passenger Shaming was started by a former flight attendant and is maintained by anonymous submission from flight attendants from around the world. It's gotten so popular that it now has its own Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts.

Some of the shots captured by disgruntled airline employees are downright harrowing, like the one with the contortionist passenger putting his bare feet mere inches from the unsuspecting head of the woman sitting in the seat in front of him. Or any instances of shirt removal, or nocturnal dick-holding, or nail clipping. I am not here for any of that. That is terrible, sub-bus station on The Simpsons behavior.


Then again, it's not exactly like flying encourages people to be at their best. With minimal space and maximum stress, every flight is potentially a miniature World War I between passengers driven nearly insane by air travel, and flight attendants — people who have nothing to do with the size of the plane or the width of the seats— are the ones who have to handle our emotional breaks.

Treat us like animals, we'll act like animals. But sweet Jesus, even animals know not to leave a full dirty diaper in a seat back pocket.

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Nail clipping should only happen in one place: in the privacy of your own home, preferably alone in a room with a door closed. On an airplane? The thought makes me shudder.