Passage Of Women's Rights Law Halted In Mali • LA County Addresses Backlogged Rape Kits

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• The president of Mali has announced that he is not going to sign the new family law, which would give greater rights to women, including the right to disobey their husbands and raise the age of marriage to 18.

Muslim groups have been protesting the law, calling it the "work of the devil. One of their main objections is that the law redefines marriage as a secular institution. Women's rights groups are "heartbroken" over the announcement. • A study suggests that girls as young as 10 and 11 already feel pressure from the notion of an "ideal body." They also found that, among the girls they studied, those who perceived themselves as thin were happier with their bodies than those who saw themselves as heavy. • An art exhibition opening this month in Beijing will feature a talking Mona Lisa, among other high-tech things. Using holographic technology, 3D technology, and voice recognition software, several classic artworks will engage visitors in conversation. The exhibition will also feature "The Last Supper," for those who want a word with Jesus. • The glass-topped coffin of Emitt Till has been donated to the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, the museum announced yesterday. Till's coffin was recently rescued from the Burr Oak Cemetery outside Chicago, where it had been thrown into a storage shed and was found in very poor condition. • A woman from West Africa has been arrested for running a human trafficking ring that forced women to work in salons braiding hair in New Jersey. The girls, aged 10-19, were not paid for their labor, and were forbidden from making friends or learning English. • In attempts to avoid a repeat of the riots at London's Group of 20 conference in April, the British police force has decided to ask women to take the reigns this year. The logic is that policewomen see their job as "public service," while policemen view it as "controlling through authority." • According to a new survey, everyone is so broke that no one really wants to volunteer. These findings go against all the anecdotal evidence that unemployed volunteers, high on Obama-fever, were flooding the offices of nonprofit groups. • The number of Canadians suffering from hip fractures has declined in the past few years, and researchers believe that this might have been caused by the extra "padding" caused by weight gain. If this were a women's magazine, I would probably say something about how your bigger booty may help you bounce back, but it isn't, so I wont. • Researchers from the University of Iowa have found that women with strong thigh muscles are less likely to have symptomatic knee osteoarthritis. • Curious about what your pet sees on a day to day basis? Buy this "Pet's Eye View" camera to get a nice picture of your own ankles. • Following recent attacks on school girls in Pakistan, many girls have refused to wear their uniforms to school, and even more have stopped attending completely. A group of students from Stanford University have organized a program, called Tree of Knowledge, to address the issue. • 19 years ago, Jaycee Lee Dugard, then only 11 years old, was abducted from her home in California. Police have finally identified Dugard, but only after she walked into a police station and announced her identity. They are currently in the process of arranging a meeting with her family. • L.A. County Supervisor Zev Yarovslavksy has announced that the LA Sheriffs Department will completely fund the testing of every backlogged rape kit within the next two years. They have also pledged to expand staff to ensure that a backlog like this will never happen again. •

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Not to be nit-picky, but what is a 'rap kit'? Are there rogue rap assailants out there assaulting people through song?