We're not super big into sharing and haven't been since we loaned our former best friend a skort in middle school and she totally didn't return it, so maybe that's why wet-nurses give us the dreads. A wet-nurse, for those of you who haven't read Gone With The Wind twenty times [Or 'The Grapes Of Wrath'! -Ed.], is a woman who breast-feeds other women's babies โ€” like if Maggie Gyllenhaal wanted to give her boobs a rest she might hand lil' Ramona over to Naomi Watts or something. Anyway, these milkmaids are all the rage in Britain (and Brooklyn, apparently!) both for women who are unable to breast feed themselves and for women who don't mind sharing the suckling duties. Okay, so we get the fact that when baby wants milk, baby gets milk, but isn't trading him back and forth a little dangerous? It's kind of like a threesome โ€” what if he cries more for the other woman's breasts? Or looks at her in that special way he used to look at you? Honestly, this could only turn out badly.
The Return of the Wet-Nurse [Daily Mail]