Sure, fasting will make you drop those pounds in a flash but who has the time to develop an organ-destroying, starvation-based eating disorder? Well, now there is "alternate-day dieting", the "brainchild" of a plastic surgeon named James B. Johnson (because you want health tips from the guy who makes his living telling others what is wrong with their appearance). The diet works like this: eat whatever you want every other day, but on your "diet" day you should limit yourself to a protein shake for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and a soup for dinner, having a total of 300-500 calories. So basically, you starve yourself for half of the time and then binge the other half. Genius! Johnson's diet book, Alternate-Day Dieting comes out in April, sure to be a big hit with the "part-time" anorexic teens on Teen Vogue's messageboards! [Chicago Tribune, via Babble]