Paris Stuck Between A Mouse and Her Crotch Rot

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  • Big conundrum for Paris Hilton - continue to be against testing on animals or support research into curing (her) Chlamydia? Toughie. [Science Daily]
  • This headline makes us sad: "Stunning New Revelations on Cancer; Limit Bacon, Alcohol & Red Meat." So what are we supposed to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? [ABC News]
  • A man who is suspected of abducting two women from Soho and raping them in separate incidents is being sought by the cops, not to mention the Jezebel Vigilante Justice Task Force. [NY Times]
  • Feministing draws our attention to a new Amnesty International report which says that 600 women are raped in Kenya every day. Sickening. [Feministing]
  • Some doctors are shooting collagen into the vaginal walls near the G-spot to help women orgasm. No, the FDA didn't approve that memo. [First Coast News]
  • The stupid Pope is urging Pharmacists to refuse to dispense birth control as "conscientious objectors." Oy. [Ms.]
  • Singapore Airlines, which is designing those dope-sounding first class cabins with beds, doesn't want you soiling the mattresses with your love-making, okay? [MSNBC]
  • There are some things we're cheap about (drugstore makeup, Forever 21 ensembles, tacos) and other things we don't mind paying big money for, namely, plastic surgery. Others, it seems, fly down to South America for a bargain sale on boob jobs. [MSNBC]
  • Cambodia's Prime Minister is disowning his daughter and cutting her out of his will because she recently came out as a lesbian. At the same time, however, he urged others not to discriminate against gays because, "Most of them are good people and are not doing alcohol, drugs or racing vehicles." Racing vehicles? Is this some new lez hobby we don't know about? [NY Times]
  • Black women who have breast cancer and get the necessary treatment of tumor removal and radiation therapy still have a larger chance of the disease reappearing within 10 years of diagnosis. We reiterate: Mother Nature can be a fucking racist bitch. [Science Daily]

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@BAngieB: Amusing, but also a good point. It's this reason that I don't cut men any slack when it comes to rapes/sexual assaults, abortion, or birth control for women. At the end of the day, if there were enough men who allegedly agreed with and supported the women who stood up to the assholes, who actually DID something about it - considering they're most likely to be in positions of power - then, I'd more readily accept the argument that we can't hate on them all.

A random exception here and there isn't enough. When it comes to these issues, I hate on them all for not doing something en masse and individually to help reduce and ultimately eliminate these continual risks and problems for women. In all societies.