Paris, Not France: The Movie That Explains How You Destroyed Her Princess Diana Dreams

Oh, dear lord in heaven. Remember that Paris Hilton documentary we discussed in Dirt Bag this morning? Well there's a trailer already! Sample quote: "People see me as Barbie with a perfect life, a fantasy...whatever."

The trailer makes the film look like a rip off of Britney's "For The Record" documentary, except instead of discussing failed marriages, depression, and the perils of pop fame, Paris seems to be whining about how the public makes her who she is and that it has totally ruined her dream of becoming Princess Diana. The comments on Oh No They Didn't are less than kind:

We don't see you as a Barbie, Paris. She actually has jobs and real sense of attractiveness. And she's a 50-year old doll. The fact she did this 'stupid act' to placate and please people, and is now confused that they lack respect for her, is her own problem. If she wanted to be like Princess Diana, she should have actually done some of the good work she did and not looked at the surface glamour and thought that was all there was. No sympathy for this girl. She's in a bubble of white privilege and entitlement, and treats it stupidly. FAIL.


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