Paris: Keep Your Love Locks Out, You're Ruining Everything

Parisians are over you and your need to express your love with padlocks on their bridges like some whimsical literary novel protagonist. You are not an imaginary person and those locks are heavy, dude — so heavy that their weight crumpled one Parisian bridge, moving City Hall to encourage selfies. In the grand scheme of French snobbery, that had to hurt.

In June, the sheer heft of tourist padlocks broke the Pont des Arts bridge near the Louvre where many travelers fastened a padlock to the railing and then threw their key into the Seine to ensure their love — of the moment, probably, let’s be honest — lasted forever. Well, all that love broke the bridge and now City Hall, according to the Guardian, is pushing a new social movement of love selfies with the hashtag #lovewithoutlocks because humanity is selfish and terrible.

The lock trend began in 2008, presumably imported from Italy or Eastern Europe, and it's been a problem. From cracking railings to possibly polluting the Seine with all those metal keys, it’s probably time for human emotion and science to unite and figure out a new trendy traveller way to show romance. Why don’t people just make out anymore?


Image via the Guardian.

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