Paris Hilton's Mom Makes Lindsay's Look Like Mother Of The Year

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Adjacent to a one-pager glossing over female groundbreakers in international justice in November's Vanity Fair is a six page treatise by Judith Newman — she of the awful Allure Britney Spears "profile" — titled "Moms Gone Wild". The central question in Newman's piece is whether Britney, Lindsay and Paris were born narcissistic, famewhoring trainwrecks, or made that way by pathologically-bad parenting. (Nature vs. nurture!) Interestingly, Newman seems to have a modicum of sympathy for some of the celeb moms! She paints Lohan as the none-too-bright victim of an abusive marriage trying the best she can with limited mental resources and describes Spears as the "most stable mother" of the three, a woman who at one point dreamed of being a college professor (?!?) As for Kathy Hilton, well, not surprisingly, she's shown to be a relentless gold-digger whose dual passions in life are making money and promoting her daughter Paris.


Take the situation a few years ago when Paris Hilton's maternal grandmother, "Big Kathy", died of breast cancer. After the funeral, the Hiltons had people over to their home for a small reception, says an unnamed ex-Hilton crony.

I went to Big Kathy's funeral - she'd died of breast cancer - and afterwards Rick and Kathy had people over to their house. Paris had just turned 21, and the Hiltons had a running loop of footage from Paris's 21st-birthday party up on their big-screen TV. Rick was running around going 'Look at Paris!' It was a 'promotion'.


So what's the takeaway? Not entirely clear. Mostly it seems that these people are just trying to do the best they can and probably rue the day they ever let their daughters sign with the Walt Disney Company. Except for Kathy, who is basically the Anti-Christ clad in Lilly Pulitzer. But now that Lindsay is reportedly getting her mom out of her bank account, maybe Paris will wise up and follow suit!

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I've said it once and I'll say it again. However a kid turns out is ENTIRELY due to the people who raised him/her, and what they did or didn't do. I don't particularly care for her acting, but Natalie Portman has been in show business for a slightly shorter amount of time than these ladies, and she's a college graduate with no police record and volunteers for fun. Mandy Moore is another child star who has managed to keep her head above water. Lynne may actually genuinely love her daughter, which is more than I can say for Dina or Kathy, but that doesn't make her a good or smart parent. I am reminded of the Leif Ericsson Behind the Music, where Leif's mom was talking about how in her earnestness to NOT become Brooke Shields' crazy overprotective mother, she ended up screwing over her child.