Paris Hilton Turns 30

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  • A sign of the times, The Way We Live Now, a zeitgeisty milestone: Paris Hilton turns 30 on Thursday. The woman who oversees 17 different product lines (including shoes, handbags, perfumes, apparel, sunglasses, Champagne, lingerie and a line of fake nails, eyelashes and hair extensions) says that she has "changed her whole lifestyle in the past few years." Although! She owns a pink bouncy castle. And: Her new reality show, The World According to Paris, premieres on Oxygen this summer. [New York Post]

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  • Interesting: Several jewelers claim the value of the necklace Lindsay Lohan allegedly stole is not $2500, but closer to $800 or $1000. California law states that if an item is $950 or less, theft is a misdemeanor, not a felony. The D.A. says: "If [Lindsay's lawyer] presents me with credible evidence of value, we will take a look at it. But based upon what's in front of us — what the store owner and designer said — the necklace is worth $2,500." [TMZ]
  • A new witness has come forward, claiming that he went to the jewelry store way before Lindsay did, and was interested in buying the necklace in question. They told him it was $800. [Radar Online]
  • Lindsay has been calling retailers she's borrowed from in the past, asking them to vouch for her in court. "They are avoiding her calls." [Janet Charlton's Hollywood]
  • You know you want Lindsay's SCRAM-hiding jumpsuit! [Radar Online]
  • BTW: The judge who threatened Lindsay with jail is off the case. [Radar Online]

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  • Either Jessica Simpson is pregnant or she spent Valentine's Day watching Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger have sex. [Twitter]

• LOL WUT of the day: Charlie Sheen has a new girlfriend. [Radar Online]
• Four remaining episodes of Two And A Half Men have been cut and the crew is pissed at Charlie Sheen. Again. [TMZ]
Ronnie from Jersey Shore has pleaded not guilty to aggravated assault even though we all saw him knock someone out in the first season of the show. [ABC News]
Justin Bieber spent Valentine's Day visiting sick kids at a children's hospital. [Just Jared]
Susan Sarandon on James Franco: "He has great survival skills. He writes, he paints. He is hot." Get it girl! [Page Six]
Billy Ray Cyrus on Hannah Montana: "The damn show destroyed my family." [Page Six]
• Shocker: Lea Michele wants to star in the upcoming Broadway remake of Funny Girl. Don't rain on her parade! (Her rep denies this, etc.) [Page Six]
• Something something Taylor Swift and Owl City's Adam Young. Yawn. [NYDN]
Ashlee Simpson, Pete Wentz and their son Bronx had Valentine's Day lunch together yesterday. [People]
• "Michael Jackson was so worried he couldn't perform his London concerts in 2009 ... he worried out loud he would end up working behind the counter at McDonald's." [TMZ]
Elaine Irwin, Almay model and John Mellencamp's ex, has been spotted hanging out with Russell Simmons. [Page Six]
Erin Featherston and Cobra Satrship's Gabe Saporta: It's on. [Gatecrasher]
• The new Spider-Man movie will be called The Amazing Spider-Man. [Deadline]
Al Sharpton has turned down an offer to do Dancing With The Stars… Again. It's not that he can't dance… Here is a video of him doing his James Brown. [TMZ]
Alec Baldwin now has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! [Vulture]
• "There is really no one that is a more adoring and loving Madonna fan than me. I am the hugest fan personally and professionally… The good news is that I got an e-mail from her people and her, sending me their love and complete support on behalf of the single and if the queen says it shall be, then it shall be." — Lady Gaga. [Access Hollywood]



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