Paris Hilton Proof That 'Outsider Art' Is Neither 'Outsider' Nor 'Art'

Paris Hilton may be a lousy interview, but the hotel heiress could have a future as an artist! After a number of Jezebel commenters went to town last week defending the hotel heiress after we had her handwriting analyzed, we thought we'd give Paris another shot at cultural relevance by having the
self-portrait she sent to TMZ's Harvey Levin analyzed by a contemporary art expert. After the jump, James Romberger — a NYC artist, curator and expert on outsider art — weighs in on Paris' possible artistic influences and her future in fine art.


The Drawing Itself:

The Critique (Still Lifes):

In this work Paris Hilton's fragile linework demands a new genre. Poignant and unintentionally surreal, heavily-laden with encoded symbology, the image crawls across the page, a dislocated cry of despair. Her careful rendering of details important to her as in the phone, the TV, and the labels on her shapeless outfit is reminiscent of the great naive painter Grandma Moses.


Grandma Moses, "Beautiful World," 1948

The Critique (Facial Rendering):

In Hilton's hands, the large Japanese cartoon manga eyes all modern children draw brings the names of famous sentimentalist painters Walter and Margaret Keane to mind.


Margaret Keane, "Keiki Lisa," 2004

The Critique (Perspective):

I was mildly impressed by her attempt at David Hockney-esque perspective.


David Hockney, "Man Taking a Shower in Beverly Hills," 1964

The Critique (Artist's Signature):

The payment of her debt to society is symbolized by her rushed credit card signature; her mutilated heart evolves into angry checks over the i's. Still, she retains her light and airy personal style in the face of weeks of traumatic inconvenience. In summary, her work is post-modernist-ish insider/outsider Art.


And there you have it. Next time you're all: "Is it really art if Paris Hilton could have drawn it?" you have your fucking answer.

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