Paris Hilton: Fashionista Recession-Fighter

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  • Paris Hilton on dropping $3,880 in 40 minutes: "I think it's important to help out, you know, the economy out here, everywhere in the world... It's New Year's, I need a New Year's dress." [Breitbart]
  • But, Paris, Australia's the one place that's having record post-Christmas sales! [Bloomberg]
  • Consumer confidence is at an all-time low; thank God for Paris. [WWD]
  • Well, this makes sense: although every market in the world is down, designer children's clothing is booming! [WWD]
  • French retailer Morgan is going under. You'd think having the country's first lady as a model would help! [Times of London]
  • Jewelry chain Christian Bernard is going under, too. [WSJ]
  • Trinidadian tailor Andrew Ramroop, who suited Princess Di, has been given an OBE. [Telegraph]
  • Also honored: Nicky Kinnaird, founder of amazing beauty emporium Space NK. [WWD]
  • Noooo! Fashion iconoclast Lynn Yaeger has been laid off from the struggling Village Voice! [Pop and Politics]
  • CEOs talk about their new year's resolutions: most of them seem to involve not going under. [WWD]
  • Ted Lapidus, a French fashion photographer who helped pioneer the concept of "unisex," has died at 79. [Guardian]
  • Esprit names a new CFO, works on expanding in Asian markets, presumably not evoking 1991. [The Street]
  • Limited Edition New York presents some of the better celeb tees we've seen: these are by Teresa Missoni, Irina Lazareanu and Angela Lindvall, and proceeds go towards climate change. [WWD]

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Erin Gloria Ryan

I might get stoned (with rocks, not weed) for saying this, but ever since she did that campaign commercial in response to John McCain's "Celebrity" ad, I've thought she was sort of in on the joke, and therefore I can't hate anymore.