Parents Now Naming Their Babies Based on What Domains Are Available

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It's the oldest parenting advice in the book! Right there on page one of What to Expect When You're Expecting: It is never too early to start building your fetus's personal brand. Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Warren Buffett, Jimmy Buffett—America's most successful luminaries all have one thing in common: Their parents nailed down the perfect baby URL before the after-birth was cold.

Now there's a website that makes that process a snap. Just enter your future baby's last name and gender (they even have a non-binary option!) into the search engine at Awesome Baby Name and they'll return a list of names whose URLs are still available.

Here's Business Insider:

Let's just say Christina Aguilera needed some help thinking of a name for her unborn baby. And let's assume that the baby will have his father's last name — Rutledge. After inputting that name in the tool and selecting the gender neutral option "whatever," Awesome Baby Name suggested ten different names, all domain-friendly.

So Christina could choose the name "Ace" and be sure that the domain name "" would be available. The site is even kind enough to link to so that Christina could purchase the site right away to make sure nobody else takes it before the birth of her child.

"Domains can go very quickly, so we recommend you get it as soon as possible," Awesome Baby Name recommends.


Suggestions for my hypothetical "whatever"-gendered fetus: Eliza West, Kason West, Brady West, Adelynn West, Lukas West, Kyra West, Vihaan West, Miranda West, Knox West, Juliana West. And when I entered my fiance's last name instead, Awesome Baby Name returned HIS ACTUAL BABY'S NAME. And now I'm tempted to buy her domain in case she ever wants it. Hmph. I hate when silly marketing gimmicks work on me.

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