Parents Leave Daughter at Chuck E. Cheese, Don't Notice Until They See Her on the News

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Many families have oft-told stories of the time they drove off and accidentally left little Jimmy at the gas station or dashed out of the house with baby Sarah still in her crib, but those tales usually end with an almost immediate discovery of the forgotten child and a quick return to fetch him or her. Not so with this crazy tale: Two parents took their three-year-old daughter to a party at Chuck E. Cheese but didn't take her home when they left. Not only that, they didn't figure out they'd forgotten her until they saw her picture on the evening news. Granted Chuck E. Cheese is a chaotic hellhole, but that is a pretty epic parenting fail.

It turns out it was a custody mix-up. The little girl, Harmony, had gone to the Chuck E. Cheese in Bel Air, Maryland, with both of her parents, who aren't together but share custody of her. Apparently when the party was breaking up, Harmony found a token and went back inside, but neither parent realized it. So each one left thinking the other parent had her. That wasn't the case, and after Harmony later approached a staff member to say she was thirsty, the manager alerted the police. They couldn't find Harmony's parents, so they decided to put her picture on the 11 o'clock news. As soon as it aired, both her parents called—talk about a parent's worst nightmare! After the police figured out it had been a mix-up, they gave Harmony back to her parents, and charges won't be filed.

Parents Learn Daughter Was Left In Chuck E. Cheese By Watching News [HuffPo]

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I used to run away from my house and go to Chuck E. Cheese, because skee ball is a helluva drug.

And I'm so old, it was called Showbiz Pizza at the time.