Parents Hilariously Outraged Over 'Vile' Male-Stripper Fundraiser

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Presumably tired of staid bake sales and well-behaved silent auctions, some frisky parents at a British school decided to raise funds for their kids' education by hosting a ladies' night complete with male strippers. Unsurprisingly, some parents didn't approve.

According to the Telegraph, parents at Clavering Primary School in Essex hired stripping professionals All the Way Jay and Tommy Love of Dreamboys (amusingly rendered in the Telegraph as "Dream Men") to entertain 100 ladies at an off-campus, adults-only fundraiser. Some moms had a grand old time. Others, however, were upset — some hilariously so. One called the event "vile." Another said,

I could not believe they used a male stripper night to raise money for a primary school. The parents who organised it are sordid disgusting people. We try to teach our children about healthy eating but what about morals? I don't want my children using computers funded by such a disgusting event. I am pulling my five-year-old and seven-year-old-boys out of the school and my friend is doing the same with her children. [...] I don't think anything has ever made me quite so angry I don't want people associating my children with the stripper school.


I get not wanting your PTA meeting to look like a bachelorette party, but is it really worth pulling your kids over? Probably not — except that maybe the stripping wasn't the real problem. Towards the end of the article, Outraged Mom says this:

Then another mother who was plastered was driving home and crashed into another woman — and she then fled the scene.

Talk about burying the lead — a drunk driving accident at a fundraiser seems like a way bigger deal than a few gyrating dudes.

Male strip show sparks school complaints [Telegraph]

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I don't know if you guys have ever been to an elementary school fundraiser before - I had not until a few years ago. In my limited experience, they are generally a booze fest. Thus, the drunk driving incident is unfortunate but not surprising. (In my world we take cabs.) The stripping is both unfortunate and surprising.