Paparazzi Hall Of Fame Shame

"Italian paparazzo Settimio Garritano has revealed the secret of how he snapped naked pictures of President Kennedy's widow Jackie Onassis on a private Greek island almost 40 years ago." Spoiler: the "secrets" involve stalking her and hiding in underbrush:

Is there a rule that the more humiliated a celebrity would be by a shot, the bigger the coup? Anyway, however you quantify it, the infamous paparazzi shots of Jackie O sunbathing in the nude still qualifies, apparently, as a major accomplishment, which I suppose is why people are interested in the lengths Garritano went to. Here's the account from the Telegraph: "he managed to gain access to Skorpios by befriending a local and then disguising himself as a gardener....After hearing a rumour that Mrs Onassis sunbathed nude on one of the beaches, he took a boat out and moored it near some undergrowth where he was able to remain hidden."


The images, which were later a major selling point for Hustler, are now up for auction. And the photographer is apparently really proud of the achievement. Did the fact that it made Jackie practically photographer-phobic burnish it? Now, in the era of Perez and TMZ, and in the post-Di reality, this derring-do feels depressingly quotidian, and even kind of...tasteful. Doing yoga in the nude is practically high-tea compared to what we're used to. And never have Lady Gaga's enigmatic lyrics felt more appropriate:

Shadow is burnt
Yellow dance and return
My lashes are dry
But with teardrops I cry
It don't have a price
Loving you is cherry pie

Secret Of Jackie Onassis Nude Paparazzi Pictures Revealed [Telegraph]

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