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Paparazzi Hall Of Fame Shame

Illustration for article titled Paparazzi Hall Of Fame Shame

"Italian paparazzo Settimio Garritano has revealed the secret of how he snapped naked pictures of President Kennedy's widow Jackie Onassis on a private Greek island almost 40 years ago." Spoiler: the "secrets" involve stalking her and hiding in underbrush:

Is there a rule that the more humiliated a celebrity would be by a shot, the bigger the coup? Anyway, however you quantify it, the infamous paparazzi shots of Jackie O sunbathing in the nude still qualifies, apparently, as a major accomplishment, which I suppose is why people are interested in the lengths Garritano went to. Here's the account from the Telegraph: "he managed to gain access to Skorpios by befriending a local and then disguising himself as a gardener....After hearing a rumour that Mrs Onassis sunbathed nude on one of the beaches, he took a boat out and moored it near some undergrowth where he was able to remain hidden."


The images, which were later a major selling point for Hustler, are now up for auction. And the photographer is apparently really proud of the achievement. Did the fact that it made Jackie practically photographer-phobic burnish it? Now, in the era of Perez and TMZ, and in the post-Di reality, this derring-do feels depressingly quotidian, and even kind of...tasteful. Doing yoga in the nude is practically high-tea compared to what we're used to. And never have Lady Gaga's enigmatic lyrics felt more appropriate:

Shadow is burnt
Yellow dance and return
My lashes are dry
But with teardrops I cry
It don't have a price
Loving you is cherry pie


Secret Of Jackie Onassis Nude Paparazzi Pictures Revealed [Telegraph]

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Geez, why didn't he just glue on a mustache and try to deliver a pizza? Works at Gerard Butler's house! #paparazzi