Paparazzi Desperate For Photos Of First Daughters

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For the paparazzi, celebrity snaps are big business, but celebrity kids are better business. And right now, the kids in demand are Sasha and Malia Obama.


Gary Morgan, CEO of Splash photo agency, tells Time magazine: "There's going to be a lot of interest, all around the world, in the Obama family." Morgan has already sent more photographers to D.C. and was one of the agencies with shots of Barack Obama shirtless in Hawaii in December. The pictures, of course, sold well. But when it comes to the sisters, there's added bonus: they are adorable. The tabloids are dying to get their hands on some shots. This from Time:

"My dream would be a picture of them decorating their bedrooms or having a pajama party," says OK! Magazine editor in chief Susan Toepfer, who adds that she'll settle for photos of Christmas and Easter celebrations. "The Obamas have made it clear they want to be open with the public. They're going to become the national family."

But how do you photograph a family that happens to be the First Family? Unlike regular celebrities, they have Secret Service protection. Long-lens shots into the White House backyard? No way. The kids aren't going to be sitting in traffic while photographers snap away, like they did with Britney Spears.

Of course, the Obamas set up photo ops, and may very well continue to do so, involving the kids. Morgan says: "If they're out and we can get a shot, it's because they don't mind us being there. The Secret Service guys are cool as long as you don't do anything dangerous."

But at this site we constantly visit several photo agencies — several times an hour, every day — in order to post the most recent celebrity photographs. We haven't seen any shots of Sasha and Malia since the President has taken office. (And we probably wouldn't post them if we did.) Will the paps be stymied by the tight security surrounding the First Daughters? Will a more "open" White House mean shots of Michelle, Malia and Sasha shopping the streets of D.C., like Katie Holmes and Suri in New York? And while some argue that paparazzi shots of kids on a public street are an invasion of privacy, can you honestly say you wouldn't want to see the Obama ladies coming out of a restaurant, or getting manicures, or heading to a museum?

Gary Morgan from Splash says: "We'll see how it goes after a few months. It's not like we don't know where he lives. You can't keep people cooped up there forever."


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Shots of the Obama girls actually bother me less than, say, Reese Witherspoon's kids trying to enjoy a day at Disneyworld. Even without insane paparazzi to worry about, Sasha and Malia would be given excellent security who have the power to stop or arrest anyone who crosses a line. No one's going to get close enough to run their car off the road or hit them with a camera. Although I'm just as guilt - if not more so - than most people of enjoying celebrity photos and Snap Judgments, I really hate the way the photos are obtained.