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Panda Cubs Make Adorably Slow Progress in Climbing Lessons

The most adorable job in the world is also the least rewarding job in the world: teaching panda cubs how to climb a tree. The little pandas really can't manage it, and there's no way to encourage them because they're pandas, a species immune to all forms of human encouragement.


via BBC

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Things I know about pandas: they eat bamboo, they're bad at sex. So I have no expertise backing this up but...

My friend's got an 8-month old baby who WANTS to walk, but his chubby little legs aren't ready for it. He is trying so hard to go for it, but he can't hold himself up for one second because his legs are like, "dude! calm down! we're a baby! we're not there yet! give it a couple more months!"

That's what I feel like this is. They're not quite ready for successful tree climbing. Also, pandas are terrible at everything so they might never be ready. So there's that.