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Palins, David Letterman Continue To Take (Sometimes Cheap) Shots

  • Yesterday, Sarah and Todd Palin got incensed about another David Letterman joke in which he suggested A-Rod impregnated her daughter at a Yankees game. (The daughter in attendance was 14-year-old Willow.) Gross. [Politico, LA Times]
  • Responding to the Palins' accusations that he'd suggested their daughter had been raped (technically, under New York State law, A-Rod would be committing at least statutory rape by having sex with a 14-year-old), Letterman responded (video at left) that he thought Bristol Palin had been there. He considers the matter "cleared up." [Entertainment Weekly]
  • In more blasts from campaigns past, Reverend Jeremiah Wright says that "Them Jews" are keeping Obama from talking to him. Yeah, it's Rahm's fault.
  • Fox News' Shepard Smith concedes that, in the wake of yesterday's Holocaust Museum shooting, the DHS report on right-wing extremism his network decried was a warning we ignored at our own peril. He also says his email from probable viewers is increasingly frightening. [Media Matters, Huffington Post]
  • The U.S., Great Britain, France, China and Russia have all signed off on UN sanctions against North Korea, where Kim Jong Il is expected to be increasingly rone-ry. [LA Times]
  • Jong Il can, however, look forward to a visit from Jesse Jackson. [NPR]
  • Obama, for his part, has told Bill Richardson to shut the fuck up about the situation. [Politico]
  • With House Speaker Nancy Pelosi unswayed by the Administration's arguments that the troops will be imperiled by the release of more detainee torture photographs, Hillary Clinton is now saying they might put diplomats in danger, too. [Politico, The Plum Line]
  • Apparently, the Senate is too busy watching videos of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to care too much about anything else. [NY Times]
  • Even though Senate Republicans have had a fit that they didn't have enough time to rip Sotomayor to shreds in the media review Sotomayor's disclosures, they've requested yet more information. [Washington Post]
  • The shoe bomber, Richard Reid, is on a hunger strike; apparently being overly thin is a fashion encouraged by the Pentagon to his comrades-in-arms at Guantanamo Bay. [Times, Huffington Post]
  • China is saying that Palau can't have the Uighurs they wish to imprison, likely torture and possibly kill, but Palau doesn't care. [Huffington Post]

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Shepard Smith has my respect for being someone who actually admits when he's wrong. Sad that this is so unusual, but it really is.