In the new edition of the SNL oral history "Live From New York," former vice presidential hopeful and current drunk lady in a wig Sarah Palin reveals that she was none too happy with Tina Fey's iconic portrayal of her in the lead-up to the 2008 election. "I know that they portrayed me as an idiot, and I hated that," she says, then offering no comment on her bewildering decision to continue portraying herself as an idiot over the next 6 years.

"...I wanted to come on the show and counter some of that," Palin tells authors Tom Shales and James Miller about her decision to appear on Saturday Night Live alongside Fey despite her displeasure.

In the book, which you can currently read excerpts of at the Hollywood Reporter, Palin also says that SNL played no part in ruining her campaign with presidential nominee John McCain, but then takes credit for Tina Fey's livelihood:

I think SNL is egotistical if they believe that it was truly an effect on maybe the public debate about who should lead the country in the next four years.

If I ran into Tina Fey again today, I would say: "You need to at least pay for my kids' braces or something from all the money that you made off of pretending that you're me! My goodness, you capitalized on that! Can't you contribute a little bit? Jeez!"


Good ol' Aunt Sarah! Always good for a laugh.

Image via SNL.