Palin Gets Punk'd By Canadian Prank Callers

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Oh, dear. Looks like Vice Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin totally got punked by a Canadian comedy duo known as The Masked Avengers, who somehow got a hold of the Governor and tricked her into believing that she was actually speaking with French President Nicolas Sarkozy. "You know, I see you as a President someday," the fake Sarkozy says, to which Palin replies, "Oh, I don't know, maybe in 8 years." Palin comes across as a super excited Sarkozy fan girl, and as the phone call goes on, the fake Sarkozy gets more and more obnoxious, ridiculous, and exaggerated, leading one to wonder how in the world Palin could have possibly fallen for such an obvious joke. It's not until the end of the call, when the Masked Avengers reveal the prank, that Palin realizes that been fooled, and the call ends quite quickly after that. Whoops! Update: The Palin campaign has confirmed the call and issued a response. Prank call and Palin's response, after the jump.

From the Palin campaign: "Governor Palin received a phone call on Saturday from a French Canadian talk show host claiming to be French President Nicholas Sarkozy. Governor Palin was mildly amused to learn that she had joined the ranks of heads of state, including President Sarkozy, and other celebrities in being targeted by these pranksters. C'est la vie."
Palin Pranked By Sarkozy Impersonator [CNN] Palin Takes Fake Call From Fake French President [AP]


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I could understand that it might be hard to be like 'wait you aren't this person.' But someone with the basic knowledge that a VP should have could have asked some questions and figured it out once suspicions were aroused. She also had absolutely nothing of substance to say - where did the sudden love for France come from?

All I can think is Hillary would never have let this go on.