In the Palin family, it is the best of times, it is the worst of times. It is a time of joyful preparation for Bristol's impending reality show on Lifetime, it is a frenzied scramble to debunk the lies of an impending movie about how Sarah ruined John McCain's 2008 Presidential campaign on HBO. So what has the family who loves to utilize the media to tell everyone how much the media sucks been up to? A lot.

With air date of HBO's Game Change just around the corner, these days, Sarah Palin is primarily concerned with fighting for the very important cause of making sure that no one knows what a dum-dum Sarah Palin is. According to Politico, she's firing on all cylinders to fight for everyday American Palins who have been pushed aside and parodied by Julianne Moore.


Her SuperPAC has released a confusing video designed to show the truth about what happened in 2008, which is that as soon as Sarah Palin came to town, America gathered together and agreed that she was too good to be President, and declared her Queen instead and let Barack Obama have the crappy job that she didn't even want, anyway, and now, to this day, she is remembered in history books as the woman who never said anything stupid, ever.

With that dragon of misinformation slain, onto more important Palin-related news: Bristol's back! And this time, she's not dancing around onstage in a gorilla suit making a damn fool of herself.

No, this time, she's starring in a show that's called Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp (I am not joking). The 10-episode series will air on Lifetime and highlight all the Bristoly adventures of the eldest daughter of Beloved and Most Exalted Queen of America Sarah Palin.


It's nice to know that we're finally at the point where this country can rest comfortably, now that the Palin brand is confined to the safe, mockable world of cable television, rather than the scary, real world of being a heartbeat away from the White House.

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