Pageant Parents: Living Vicariously Through Children Makes You Look Insane

A lot of people think that parents who enter their little girls into child beauty pageants are crazy. This video, made with love by Pot Psychologist Rich, kinda proves it. It's a montage of footage, clipped from several documentaries and TV shows about child pageants, of parents trying to coach from the sidelines while their children are on stage. Lots of funny faces, stern looks, and even rolling around on the floor ensues. A Case For Vicarious Living [FourFour] Earlier: Swan Brooner: Child Beauty Queen, Not-So-Merry "Holiday Barbie" The Best Child Beauty Pageant Coaches Are Queens


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Spaceman Bill Leah

I have competed in 3 pageants in my life. 1. was the Miss Westfield pageant when I was 8 and chunky. I was a sympathy entrant as both of my sisters wanted to do it. 2. was the Westfield Colleen contest which I entered a s joke and ended up as one of the runners-up and got to ride on my city's float in the St. Pat's parade. 3. was the Ms. Ziskind pageant held by my house in college. My talent was eating a Chipwich in one bite while wearing an old prom dress. That one was my favorite pageant even though the eventual winner was the MC. But the Chipwich was good.

And after all that. I STILL think these people are fuckin' bonkers.