Pageant Moms Resolve Feud, Are Still Terrible Parents

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There are certain experiences of growing up that we all share: Feeling powerless because you don't get to make the rules, feeling powerful because your imagination can create anything, picking on someone and being picked on. Then, of course, there's the time when one mother gets her daughter to say that your mother dresses you like a hooker, videotapes the comments, then sells the video to TMZ. It's a rite of passage for every child.


When this happened to you — when this happened to all of us collectively — friendships were destroyed and hearts were broken. But not so with pageant mothers Susanna Barrett and Wendy Dickey who, after Barrett filmed her daughter saying that Wendy dresses her daughter like a hooker (to be fair, Dickey did dress her daughter like an actual hooker), found themselves in a very bitter and public feud, which was, as Barrett told Good Morning America, "a huge thing" in the media (okay, lady, sure). But because the human spirit is nothing if not triumphant, the two mothers are breaking the mold by reconciling so that their daughters, now both dressed like hookers, can participate in an anti-bullying campaign.

In a heartwarming moment (or as heartwarming as you can get between two women with lizard hearts), Barrett has publicly apologized, saying "I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings" (if, always a sincere touch and a non-apology trademark) and Dickey has blankly accepted.

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Violet Baudelaire

Mildly off topic, but can we discuss the use of "if" in apologies? I recently was embroiled in this because I use it when I apologize to signify that I didn't mean to hurt their feelings or didn't realize their feelings were hurt, not as a bratty backwards apology word...