Pageant Moms Chided for Inane Facebook Feud

On last night's episode of T&T, there was a lot of bad blood between two moms whose young daughters (Gabby and Alaska) often compete in the same age division of the same pageants. On camera, they repeatedly made barbed comments each other—about Alaska's mom's missing teeth, bitchy judgement about the color of a Gabby's dress, etc. Alaska's mom even accused the Gabby's mom of stalking her and Alaska in an effort to rip off her daughter's routine. But it was what happened behind the scenes that got the pageant director involved in their feud. Apparently they were involved in some kind of drama on Facebook, saying negative things about each other. Aren't they too busy gluing rhinestones onto costumes, dying their daughters' eyelashes and living vicariously through their children to have enough time for this nonsense?


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At 8 years old, Litte Who could never be that vindictive and cruel to anyone else. It seriously breaks my heart that these young girls are at 'high school level' taunting :(